Friday, December 25, 2009

is anybody out there?

I dont know if anyone is even reading this but I really like making these blogs so Im not gonna stop it:) i would love to get some comments if anyone is reading this:)

any fashion lover who has ever watched sex and the city has gotta love all the beautiful exspensive clothing the girls (and Standford ofcourse) wear. The woman behind ALL the styling in the shows and the movie is Patricia Field. She is a well known stylist and designer in the fashion industry and I just looove her styling ! Even when Carrie was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and jeans Patricia always found a way too make it look so HOT!

Patricia has an online store where some of the things are very affortable (but some not so much) , these are both her designs and from other designers such as Vivienne Westwood herself.All of these things i picked out from the online store cost under a 100$ (about 12.000 ISK)..

T-shirt dress 98$

Pink Neon dress 98$

bag 84$

The famous Eiffel tower bag (seen on sex and the city movie) 86$

amazing shoes ! 74$



Neon jeans 42$

rainbow stockings only 18$ !

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