Wednesday, February 24, 2010

stunning eyewear

Was watching a Alexander McQueen fashion show last night and tears came out, that man was so amazing, everything he did was beeeautiful! It's so sad when people die when their at the top of their career. I will sure miss him like many others. A part of fashion history died with him. R.I.P Lee.

Lovely bracelet by Alexander McQueen.

Anyway was surfing the internet and found some amazing eyewear that I wanted to share with you. enjoy it..

purple and cute by Wayfarer . 15 pounds

pink Pixel neons, love the shape of these. 36$

floral by Joey , 32$

Tiger by Joey 32$
Heart-shaped lolita - 58$

these are hot and sexy ! - foxy mama glasses 30$

all glasses are from

Sunday, February 21, 2010

pastel umbrella fun

I really like pastel-baby colors. Lavander and pink especially. Me and Sigga took these photos the other day (once again we had to take them when it was dark! Icelandic winters = DARKNESS) . It might have been a bit too much pastels that day but what ever I like the colors. You can never have enough of the good stuff.

I was in fréttablaðið on friday for those who didn't see me :) very greatful for that, and I just stared blogging for one of the (or the) biggest fashion-blog in Iceland and I'm lovin it. Life is goooood.

All clothing from Gyllti kötturinn (like almost my intire wardrobe) and umbrella belongs to my mother.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Volcano Iceland

Volcano Iceland makes the most beautiful and comfortable headbands and hats , they use pure Icelandic wool and fleece on the inside so it's warm and cosy. I love the flower theme they have on theyr bands and hats (they also have allkinds of different things too, other than flowers) . Volcano Iceland also make knee warmers (good for hiking) purses, skarfs, coats, and lots of other stuff! check them out at

The prices are very low , only 3500 iskr (about 27$) for a headband and 5500 iskr (about 42$) for a hat , all handmade and designed in Iceland. For more information call (+00354)861-1587 or 858-0550 or visit them at Hólshraun Hafnarfirði.

vintage shirt from Gyllti kötturinn and a hat from Volcano Iceland

I love my boy t-shirt from bershka, red tights from leg avenue, shoes bought from a korean street-shoe-saler in Palma spain and headband from Volcano Iceland


Monday, February 15, 2010

cheap and chic

as a poor student I can't afford to buy all the beautiful and expensive clothing I want so I do my best to try to find cheap yet chic things online mostly since there are not many other options when you live in Iceland ! ( I HATE that name) has a looot of beautiful and very cheap clothing ! You should check it out, but they don't send to Iceland :(

London is getting closer , shop shop shop shop till i drop dead ! I was thinking of buying something awesome in London and give it away to you beautiful people, any interest in that ??

awwweeeesome hareem pants 15 pounds

cute floral jumper 20 pounds

floral corset 15 pounds

denim skirt 15 pounds

cute cute cute leggings 10 pounds

I looooooooove this and its only 6 pounds! GOTTA HAVE IT


Monday, February 8, 2010


Hi beautiful people . Don't have much time to write so just wanted to say, here are some random pics XOXO

purple vintage shirt, leg avenue tights and my new awesome shoes from gyllti kötturinn

My moms vintage Karen Millen dress. I just love it , it's so hippie and cute

rock angel

This piece of art is by my mom's sister Sara Björnsdóttir... beautiful

random things I love, Bob Marley incense, handcuff neckless by Patricia Field, gotta love your passport (its my ticket out of here!), nirvana cd, vintage purse bought in Maracco
a little piece of my wardrobe, (most of my clothing are on the floor, on my chair or on my bed)


Monday, February 1, 2010

oldies and goldies

Found some really cool and old photos in my computer, thought i'd share them with you....

My brother and stepfather in the Zahara desert.. no thats actually in Iceland !

Icelandic national day 2005

me in Spain 2004

Loooove this picture my grandfather in 1960 , he must have been the coolest guy in town..

later beautiful people <3