Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New year !

Hey'all! Happy new year ..!

I'm working on buying a new camera and then i will take some photos and put them in:) CANT WAIT! I have like 15 shots in my head that need to come to a camera! , the problem is that i need a model, i dont like being the person in front of the camera, im more of a behind the camera kind of person! if you're a girl similar my size (because i need to put you in my clothes for a shoot) and want to model please let me know:) (i wont be able to pay you though , but its fun! haha)

here are some beautiful photos i found ! L-O-V-E little Jagger BTW!

Georgia Jagger <3

one classic of Marilyn



Kate again


  1. ótrúlega flott :D
    ef ég bara væri aðeins minni um mig mindi ég gera þetta með þér :D

  2. Ég býst við þvi að þetta sé eygló sem talar ekki júlli haha :D