Wednesday, February 24, 2010

stunning eyewear

Was watching a Alexander McQueen fashion show last night and tears came out, that man was so amazing, everything he did was beeeautiful! It's so sad when people die when their at the top of their career. I will sure miss him like many others. A part of fashion history died with him. R.I.P Lee.

Lovely bracelet by Alexander McQueen.

Anyway was surfing the internet and found some amazing eyewear that I wanted to share with you. enjoy it..

purple and cute by Wayfarer . 15 pounds

pink Pixel neons, love the shape of these. 36$

floral by Joey , 32$

Tiger by Joey 32$
Heart-shaped lolita - 58$

these are hot and sexy ! - foxy mama glasses 30$

all glasses are from

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  1. Some lovely things you posted there - I agree about McQueen, it's so heartbreaking that he's not going to be around anymore.