Monday, February 15, 2010

cheap and chic

as a poor student I can't afford to buy all the beautiful and expensive clothing I want so I do my best to try to find cheap yet chic things online mostly since there are not many other options when you live in Iceland ! ( I HATE that name) has a looot of beautiful and very cheap clothing ! You should check it out, but they don't send to Iceland :(

London is getting closer , shop shop shop shop till i drop dead ! I was thinking of buying something awesome in London and give it away to you beautiful people, any interest in that ??

awwweeeesome hareem pants 15 pounds

cute floral jumper 20 pounds

floral corset 15 pounds

denim skirt 15 pounds

cute cute cute leggings 10 pounds

I looooooooove this and its only 6 pounds! GOTTA HAVE IT


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