Wednesday, March 3, 2010

London Baby

Well sadly I'm home from London, men I love it there! I want to go back NOW! I had a blaaast. Lady GaGa was absaloutly amazing, even better then I could have imagined! I did a loooot of shopping there and Primark was my heaven there, why is no Primark in Iceland?!! I took a lot of photos and here are some of them. can't wait to go back to London in september! I'm going to send in my application to London college of fashion today so cross your fingers beautiful people !

First day of shopping

the O2 arena ! never seen so many people!

3 girls 1 bathroom = MESS


GaGa my girl

girls just wanna have fun

Last day of London <3



  1. Elska Primkark...Sumt er bezt að hafa bara í útlöndum, annars væru alltaf allir í sömu fötunum hér heima :)

  2. Já reyndar, vantar samt einhverja flotta og ódýra búð á Ísland ! allt svoo dýrt fyrir fátæka námsmenn!

  3. wow!! you truly look like you had a blast!!! wonderful! :D oohhhh huge shopping bags! :D